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Our Approach

Our coachee needs of leaders, typically directors and senior executives of private and public sector organisations, partners in professional services firms and senior officials in public bodies and government.

Following a successful matching meeting, clients commit to work with us for an initial period, usually 8 to one year. This can be shorter when the client has an urgent, focused need. Most of our coaching is conducted face-to-face, supplemented by phone calls and emails as required. There is no limit to the frequency or length of meetings.

We agree coaching objectives with our clients at an early stage in each here the client’s organisation has contributed an initial briefing, this is taken into account. Clients’ agendas typically include how to meet short term goals; achieve long term aspirations; conquer today’s challenge; generate tomorrow’s strategic opportunity; manage their time in and out of work; do their current job better; and prepare for their next role. Achievement is reviewed periodically throughout the assignment.

Different people in different situations have different needs and we tailor our programmes accordingly. Sometimes we recommend that a client gets additional data to inform the coaching programme, such as feedback from colleagues or psychometric profiles. Our clients usually ask us to obtain this information on their behalf.

What goes on between the client and the coach is entirely confidential. We sometimes recommend that a client shares some aspects of what they have worked on with a colleague, but that is entirely the client’s call - their data is totally secure.