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"Coaching is like opening a window through which you can explore your inner personality under different angles."

It improves your self-awareness and allows the release of your talents. Understanding what underlies your relations to others clears the way to effective goal definition and increased performance. My task as an executive coach is to allow you to envision a kaleidoscope of possibilities, to encourage you to strengthen your faith in your talents.


A qualified chartered accountant and business consultant, Len has held various
executive positions in areas of corporate development and strategy (Founder of
Andrieux Consulting, Chartered Accountant, Managing Director of an
accounting firm and Vice President of A.P.E.A.A.I.N.E. in the health sector).
She has over 20 years of leading multi-functional and consulting businesses.
Len intervened as a keynote speaker in several conferences on varied subjects:
ISO Quality Management, mobilising energies, preparing and managing
generation Y.

Her experience as an executive and as a consultant to senior executives
convinced her of the need for a leader to be aware of how his "inner
personality" affects the way he leads and manages others. She focuses on
improving self-awareness so as to understand what underlies one's relation to
others and clear the way to effective goal definition and increased performance.
Her aim is to allow her clients to envision a kaleidoscope of possibilities, to
encourage them to reinforce their faith in their talents and to hone their

To enrich and then share her experience she undertook specialist training in
coaching and change management at INSEAD.

She has coached many executives across Europe in the areas of leadership,
change management, personal and team effectiveness. Among her coachees
are: the CEO of a multinational in the Process Industry, the research and
development team for a major international company in the metallurgic sector
for whom she conceived the 360° evaluation and the subsequent coaching
program. She accompanied and coached a young service manager for 3 years so
as to prepare him for the position of CEO of the South European and West
African branch of a multinational in the service sector and still remains his
coach today while he is the CEO. As an active member of the Association
promoting Female Chartered Accountants and Directors, she coached futur
Female Directors.
She has designed, organized and directed several executive leadership seminars.

From 1980 up to march 2012 Len was Vice President of APEAAINE
(association of Parents of maldjusted Children and Adults) as an extra
professional activity. The association comprehends four structures of help to
maladjusted children and adults, ranging from a medical and educational
institute for 70 children aged from 5 to 18 years (mainly autistics) to a protected
workplace for 98 adults and a service accompanying adults in their insertion for
autonomy in the city. As an active member of the board her involvement
included several levels: she accompanied all studies so as to remain in
coherence with law and regulations, she was involved in the structuring of the
different entities and used ISO 9001 as a guideline so as to be proactive on
regulations expected in 2011 and thus obtained a greater transparency in the
functioning and a better service to the persons accommodated.
Len felt very much-enriched trough this activity first of all because working
among people so deeply involved in helping those in need is very stimulating.
On a more personal level because this activity responds to her want to feel
needed and to be able to offer her competences in service of others.


Education and Qualifications

- Diploma in Clinical Organizational Psychology Executive Masters in Coaching and Consulting for Change BUSINESS SCHOOL BORDEAUX

- Master in Management by Quality
ENOES, Chartrered accoutnant Financial Auditor

- ECPA, (Centre de Psychologie appliquée)

- Certified Evaluator of Professional motivation with LIMEF

- E-Certified practitioner of 360°testing and analysing of managerial competences



Professional Expertise

Len coaches executives, individually or in groups, to work on aspects of their leadership behaviours, improving self-awareness and honing their strengths.

Len is multilingual and coaches in French, English and Dutch.

She has intermediate skills in Italian and basic skills in German.

Selected Companies

Alcan - Dürr France - Schenck SAS -
Schenck Process France - Sodecc - Sanofi Winthrop Industrie

T: +90 212 368 80 33
M: +33(0)6 03 26 29 95



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